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Meads Daylily Gardens is a family owned and operated nursery, specialising in Daylilies and Hippeastrums. We grow over 300 quality Daylilies at the nursery and are constantly updating our collection with the best of the USA imports as well as our own Introductions. All Daylilies offered for sale have been personally selected by our team to meet the strict requirements at our nursery. All cultivars including new imports must meet the following criteria before they are sold:


  • Hardy and vigorous - must be suitable for our specific climate
  • Fertile - pod and pollen fertility is important for our hybridisers
  • High bud count - 25 buds per scape is preferred
  • Good branching - minimum 3 way branching required
  • Good neat plant habits - must look good in a garden
  • Pest and disease resistance a must

We are constantly updating our collection by introducing new and improved cultivars as well as culling outdated or poorer performers to maintain a quality product. Diversification has led us to also carry a selection of Louisiana Iris cultivars and many Hippeastrums including Australias finest as well as some quality imports.

Neale Mead has spent most of his life surrounded by Daylilies and the like and joined Monica (his mother) about 20 years ago when the new Meads Daylily Gardens was formed. His 15 year banking career encompassed all areas of retail sales, business management, financial management as well as marketing and has supported his role in expanding the nursery to itís present level. He continues to be the muscle behind all of the renovations and improvements that are a regular feature at Meads Daylily Gardens. He now runs the Nursery by himself due to Debbies outside commitments.

Debbie Mead (Neales wife)joined the Mead family over 25 years ago and quickly grew to love the Daylilies that played such a big part of their lives. Debbie also has enjoyed a banking career that covered all areas including retail sales, money management, and international banking. She has completed several levels of horticultural studies and has received a Diploma in Horticulture. Now a fully qualified Horticulturalist, she on occasion will teach Horticulture but her focus has shifted to a Human Resources role within a government department.

Our aim at Meads Daylily Gardens is to provide quality plants and advice with the best possible customer service in a friendly and enjoyable setting.


29th September 2010 to 18th December 2010

Wednesday to Saturday 9.00am to 3.00pm.

OTHER TIMES BY APPOINTMENT- please call the nursery to arrange.We are very happy to organise a time for you to visit. Meads Daylily Gardens 07 32738559

We hope you enjoy our website and would love to share your company at Meads Daylily Gardens 264 Learoyd Rd Acacia Ridge Qld 4110 Australia.

Happy Gardening!



Neale and Debbie Mead


264 Learoyd Rd Acacia Ridge Qld 4110

Ph: 07 3273 8559

Fax 07 3273 5797